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Friday, 16 July 2010

Paul Pisces - now comes with 2 years of Sobriety

3rd October 2011
Update - still sober (834 days).
Just finished my year as chair at the Saturday night meeting of AA I go to.
I am now very comfortable with sobriety - I enjoy it.
Sobriety has required some significant changes to my life but they are worth it.
Now if I can't enjoy something sober I don't do it.
This applies to events, places, people, relationships, friends, work, leisure...everything.
If it doesn't work sober I change it or stop it.
My life is on the line so there is no room for compromise.
My main theme as chair at the meeting was "Sobriety should be fun, if it isn't you are doing it wrong - so change it...."

22nd June 2011
I still live.
And I have completed 2 years of sobriety.
The best years of my life so far.

26th February 2010
I am 50 years old now & celebrated my 50th birthday in a mental hospital.
I am out now and recovering from the chronic alcoholism that nearly killed me.
Today it is good to be alive.

I am a 50 year old alcoholic with a 30 year addiction.
I am now 8 months out of a 28-day rehab.

Over the past two years I have been in 4 different mental hospitals.
I have a choice:
1) Drink and end up in an institution, on the streets or dead.
2) Don't drink.

At the moment I choose 2.

Successful recovery requires (IMHO):

1) A support group (AA, NA)
2) 12 steps or equivalent spiritual program
3) Realisation/Acceptance (Step 1)
4) Commitment
5) Dedication
6) Hope for the future

I am working on it....

The thing about a 30 year habit is that you don't fix it overnight (unless you are very lucky).
I have had numerous relapses in the last 18 months, which is why I kept ending up in the psychiatric ward.

I committed myself 3 times because I became seriously suicidal and needed a detox.
The last (4th) time I went into a 28-day rehab with a 12-step program.
That helped a lot and now I go to AA.

AA isn't a miracle cure but for me being able to talk openly about my addiction is priceless.
I don't know what the future holds but for today I'm sober and for today that's enough.

8 months sober.
I haven't been 8 months sober for 35 years.
Sobriety is suiting me at the moment but it really is one day at a time.